Welcome to Musings of Brown Girls! So Excited!!!!

We feel so privileged to have you join us here on our very first blog post!

We hope to create a platform where we can help each other through our own experiences in life to reflect, love and heal.

Life can throw curveballs at us, get hectic where we forget to breathe and at other times it becomes a monotonous routine where we get lost. But thats ok.

We have all been there and its through these experiences that we are taught valuable lessons. Because lets be honest life is all about balance, there is always calm after the storm, and you are never too broken to heal…it all starts with you.

This blog is our journey, two sisters with interesting childhoods, life experiences, heart break, stories to share and lots to say.

We hope that you can take something from us and in turn give us insights that we can learn from. It has taken us so long to learn to love ourselves, to set healthy boundaries with those we love, to be comfortable in our skin and so much more!

We can’t say it was easy, or that it happens within a certain timeframe. The journey is never complete and takes continual self reflection and breaking down in tears in order to learn the lessons we need to… to grow and value ourselves.

But what we can say is that it is possible. No matter how bleak things may look, we promise you this too shall pass and we believe in you.

You will be ok! In order to see your true self, embrace your flaws and discover your strength the most important step is to forgive your short comings and understand that you are enough and all that you need.

Your happiness is your responsibility and accepting who you are as a person is the kindest thing you can do for yourself in order to love yourself as you are.

It isn’t easy we know, but when you get there it is beautifully rewarding and you deserve to feel good about yourself no matter what you have been through and where you may be.

We want you to know we love you and accept you as you are!

We will be sharing our own experiences with you so hold on tight, it will be a bumpy ride and one full of adventures and emotions that are hopefully relatable.

We introduce ourselves to you as Brown Girl R and Brown Girl N and we will be posting a blog each, weekly and sharing quotes and insights on our other social media regularly so check them out by clicking the links on the home page!

We welcome your comments and look forward to answering any questions you might have.

reflect. love. heal.

Brown Girl R & Brown Girl N



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