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Time waits for no man, it is forever and continues, there is nothing we can hold onto as like time it’ll slip away from us without us ever noticing how and when. And like time our journey (life) is forever moving also, and only we can make the effort of continuously working on ourselves as we progress through life. This seems achievable and even approachable when we are able to focus on our goals, and we feel our best at attempting to do better and be better but life has a way of getting itself in the way

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Life is not easy and everyone no matter how simple and ordinary they may believe their life to be, has faced some sort of turmoil, some test and hardship. Personally when I have had to go through a ‘bad phase’ I cannot help but feel anxious, I lose hope in anything and everything and every small menial task seem unattainable. my appetite is lost and even breathing seems like a mammoth task. So what do I do to help me? There are many ways of dealing with stress, anxiety, calamity and hardship, there are many researches, studies and well qualified people with many year and years of experiences all with valuable information and help. I even find the people who have experienced a misfortune and have come out of the other side and shared their journey to be extremely insightful.

However sometimes too much information can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you are feeling low and vulnerable. What do we do, what do we avoid, how do we get better, how should we face the turmoil? Below are the MBG three step guide to how to best approach any difficult situation you need to face. Please remember this is a personal approach, we are not qualified just experienced

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Firstly learn to let go, for me personally walking has got to be the best form of therapy, as I am constantly moving, taking in my environment and breathing in fresh air (as fresh as you can get in London). It helps me blank out, let go of the negative and not to overthink and let my worries consume me. I know I’ll have to stop eventually and come back home, but when I do although my body is tired my mind is well rested, another form of ‘blanking out therapy’ for me has to be art, I know I am not naturally artistic (a nicer way of saying not very good at art) but I love that I can lose myself for long period of time in the process of creating art no matter how badly it comes out. These are two example of what works best for me but it could literally be anything you can immerse yourself into, to try and focus out of the problem.

Secondly turn the focus on you, look after yourself, in order to be the best at what you do you need to make sure you are at your best, this applies with dealing with difficult issues you have to face. Again for me personally yoga does exactly that, it helps me hone in and direct the focus on me, both my mind and body are working together to focus on making me the best version of myself. This is a very important point because when dealing when overwhelming situations the first thing we do is lose sight of ourselves, our needs and wants take secondary attention from us

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Thirdly and most importantly after you have made sure you are okay, direct the focus on the issue. The first two steps before are vital as you need to make sure you can deal the situation in the best possible manner, and taking a little time out and shifting the emphasis on you will allow you to see the situation more objectively. I believe in able to best broach any issue we need to make sure we are at our best to in order to deal with the situation the best that we can. Again my personal most powerful form of self care, one that is directed at my problems is PRAYER. Knowing that I have the Lord on my side I feel invincible, all my problems feel small and I know once I pray to Him all I need after is patience and trust because He will answer and deliver. With this confidence and assurance and only then can I pick myself up and direct my focus and energy at what I need to do to make my situation better.

There are many different ways of looking after yourself, but try and see what you enjoy the most. Try and see what can benefit you the most. What helps you best free your mind, helps you focus on yourself and then help you focus on your problems and goals. Always try to remember it’s the little steps that keep you moving forward and only when you look back do you realise how far you’ve actually come. You’ve got this!

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