Self Love Journey Lesson 1- “I am enough”. By BGN

You should never look for your self worth in people, relationships, careers or the “idea” of where you should be in life.

Everyones journey in life is unique and different. Every experience, heartache and challenge shapes you and makes you who you are.

There are no deadlines of when things should happen or where you should be in life at any particular point.

Bullet Journal Quote- “You are enough just the way you are” By BGN

Self-doubt and not feeling “enough” can have devastating effects on your self esteem and mental well-being. Instead of seeing things for what they are you tend to internalise the issues you face and make yourself the root cause of your hurt.

This can be the biggest obstacle in your healing and the biggest disserservice you can do to your growth.

It isn’t easy accepting yourself as you are flaws and all. But you should never have to apologise for who you are, the way you think, your beliefs, morals and boundaries.

Bullet Journal Quote- “You are enough flaws and all” By BGN

I want you to always remember that you are enough. Good enough, smart enough and beautiful just the way you are.

There is nothing wrong with the way you look, the way you think or the way you feel.

The moment someone projects their own insecurities on you, makes you the problem rather than owning up to their mistakes is when you have to stand up for yourself.

Do not question your actions, look for faults within yourself or start the vicious circle of all the “if only’s”.

Bullet Journal Quote- “You are enough because you have you” By BGN

You have the ability to be all that you hope to be so never live your life based on the promises of others because this can lead to unnecessary heartache and feeling let down.

You have got through every stage of your life having you and being as you are.

You will get through this too.

reflect. love. heal. Always

Brown Girl N


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