Self Love Journey Lesson 10 – This journey is my own – BGR

Although the title might sound a bit daunting, especially if you love being in the company of others, what we often overlook is that the most important companionship we have, one which will always stay with us is us.

No matter how much we may feel we are dependent on others for their company, help, insight, encouragement etc the growth we aspire for can only come from within.

What we need to remind ourselves is that our values, core being, beliefs all belong to us and it is all we need to live our lives.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘This is journey is my own the lessons are mine to learn and grown from.’ BGR

This means that all the decisions I make in life, they need to be my own. Even if they are my mistakes, the lessons from them are what I will learn and become wiser from to continue on my path.

I am still learning about myself, my likes and dislikes even though they may be encouraged or introduced by others. And it is OK to change, it is part of growing up, so things I may have liked before I can dislike now and vice versa.

These changes are a part of my journey, I am still me no matter what changes I might go through, growing up and moving on will not change the essence of who I am.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘This journey is my own only I can dictate its path.’ BGR

No matter what your past has been, it might never leave you but you cannot let it impose upon you and weigh you down either.

And despite how hard others may have made your past, use the present to learn from that and remember your future is dictated by you.

So make your life, your journey as beautiful as you can even with the ugly hardships you may have had to endure.

Bullet Journal Quote – ‘This journey is my own the beauty of my adventure depends on me.’ BGR

Help is always appreciated from others but it is not their responsibility to teach you the lessons you need to face and likewise we can always be there for our loved ones but we cannot take on the obligations of teaching others the lessons they need to face.

We really hope all the lessons we have shared have been of some help as they were learnt facing the harsh realities of our lives.

And never forget that the life you live is yours to enjoy, make it as incredible as you can.

Reflect. Love. Heal

Brown Girl R xXx

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