Self Love Journey lesson 11- “I am only answerable to my creator” part 1 BGN

I have grown up in a religious household, however religion was never enforced upon us. My mother always brought us up to be good people with good morals and encouraged us to make our own decisions.

My beliefs ground me, my unanswered questions, worries and challenges are all guided by prayers.

My self love journey has made me reflect on how I dealt with a lot of things in my past and what I was most worried about when making decisions or going through things.

I realised that the fear of “what will people think” crippled me in a way that made me hesitant, unconfident and not fully true to who I was as a person.

Bullet Journal style quote- “Do not let the fear of “what will people think?” dictate your life”. By BGN

Growing as a person from painful situations, dealing with traumatic events and having children and owning motherhood made me come to the conclusion that:

I am only answerable to my creator.

I am a religious and spiritual person by nature and the best version of myself when I feel connected to my beliefs.

Bullet Journal style quote-” Focus on your wellbeing, do what is right for you” By BGN.

I value the opinions of those I love and those that care about me. I am always conscious of the role model I am being to my children and what they need from me.

The biggest lesson I have learnt is that as long as my intentions and actions are in check with my beliefs and morals, then what people think of me or how they judge me isn’t important.

When you are sad or hurt, when someone has let you down, you do not need validation from people.

When you are broken and trying to move on, you do not need closure from the person that broke you.

Bullet Journal style quote- “hold onto your truth regardless of the narrative of others” by BGN

You hold on to your truth regardless of the narratives of others.

Because in order to love yourself and be freely as you are, you need to be focused on your own well being and doing what is right for you.

reflect. love. heal always

Brown Girl N


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