Lessons a Heartbreak can teach you 4: Rediscover Yourself! BGR

Any relationship is a devotion of your time, focus and energy among many other things. And whether its intentional or not we tend to prioritise the relationship we have with others over the relationship we have with ourselves.

As a result we end up losing ourselves when we face heartbreak.

A home you placed inside the one you loved is broken and your comfort is no longer within them. The love you created with the person was built over time, with care and attention and that no longer exists.

Bullet Journal Quote ‘To rediscover yourself build a home of love within yourself’ BGR

When you love someone and have a relationship with them you are establishing yourselves in them, and when they hurt you they’ve lost what you had invested in them.

And whether or not the relationship withstands the heartbreak you cannot regain what you have lost, if the relationship remains you will need to rebuild it but from a different beginning.

But more importantly whichever direction you decide to take you will need to work on the relationship you have with yourself.

Bullet Journal Quote ‘To rediscover yourself focus on what you can gain not what you have lost’ BGR

We can focus on either what we have lost or look at what we can gain within ourselves

People will come and go in your lives and no one can truly understand you the way you need to be understood, nor love you the way you need to be loved unless you do that for yourself first.

Because you will always have you, no matter what. So reconnect with yourself on a spiritual level and understand that those surrounding you who allow for your growth are the ones that truly have your best interest at heart.

Bullet Journal Quote ‘To rediscover yourself always remember your remedy lies with you’ BGR

And those that hide behind the notion of not understanding your need for space to independently grow and do not cater for it are the ones who will let you lose yourself for them.

Because however deep and hurtful the heartbreak maybe and no matter how long the hurt may go on for to get better, feel better and do better you need to begin with yourself.

So remember it doesn’t matter who caused the hurt, your remedy lies with you.

Reflect. Love. Heal.

Brown Girl R

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