Lessons a Heartbreak can teach you 7: Everyone you love isn’t forever, it is your choice to move on!

The hopes and dreams we associate to a relationship with someone, and the plans we have made for the future is what makes a heartbreak so difficult to come to terms with.

The most powerful thing to remember, and it may sound a little harsh, is that not everyone you love is forever.

The one constant relationship you will have, the one person that knows you better than anyone else, that can cater to all your needs and make all your dreams into realities is you!

Bullet Journal style quote- “Sometimes heartbreak teaches you not everyone you love is forever” By BGN

Do not let the failures of others push you to giving up on yourself.

Do not let someones inability to love you, the way you need to be loved, stop you from seeing a future for yourself.

It is so easy to get ‘stuck’ in a heartbreak. You are emotionally and mentally overwhelmed and there is no quick fix or remedy to ease the pain or loss.

But the choice to move on is yours. You may feel lost and powerless but you have more influence in your ability to move on then you think.

Instead of searching for answers to questions that won’t be heard, going on a fruitless persuit for closure or obsessing and dwelling over the past you can instead choose to move on.

Bullet Journal style quote- “Sometimes heartbreak teaches you the choice to move in is yours” By BGN

Choosing to move doesn’t mean your heartbreak is cured. It doesn’t mean you will stop feeling or thoughts won’t unexpectantly pop into your head.

You will still experience sadness, anger, pain and loneliness but without trying to attach meaning to the emotion or overthinking about them. In time you will be able to accept, embrace and let the feeling pass processing them in a more healthy way.

Because once you have consciously addressed that you want to move on, you will understand that these emotions are just part of the process and not who you are.

You will accept you feel them but then make the choice and commit to letting them go no matter how often and how repetitive these feelings and emotions are.

Bullet Journal style quote- “Sometimes heartbreak teaches you letting go isn’t failure!” By BGN

Making the choice to move on from heartbreak is an everyday commitment and sometimes numerous times a day.

You understand it’s over, you know it can’t be fixed, there is no future, it’s time to let go and you can.

You can let go because it’s not failure, it’s not loss it is you putting yourself first when someone else didn’t.

Its letting go because there is no ease in holding on to something that was not meant to stay.

I believe in you even if you may be struggling to xxx

reflect. love. heal always

Brown Girl N

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