Ways to boost your self confidence 3: Set yourself up to win- BGN

It is so easy to be dragged down by your mistakes, or see your failures manifest into something bigger than just learning experiences.

We often set goals not for ourselves, but in line with expectations others place on us or what we percieve to be the ideal life.

We see hashtags of “relationship goals”, “friendship goals”, “holiday goals” “work goals” etc daily in social media of unrealistic “goals” that are almost impossible to maintain consistently.

To boost your self confidence it is important to direct your focus on your successes on a daily basis.

Bullet Journal Style quote- To boost your self-confidence by BGN

Set up small achievable goals that will be attainable.

This will motivate you to not only achieve your set goals and targets, but will allow your list of achievements and successes to grow.

This will direct you to see yourself in a more positive light by focusing on the things you have successfully achieved but also giving you the confidence of knowing that you have the ability and capability of achieving what you put your mind to.

Bullet Journal Style quote- To boost your self-confidence by BGN

Set bigger more challenging goals that are realistic to meet in order to reach your full potential.

Carry a notebook and jot down every achievement and success as a reminder that you can, you are able and nothing is impossible. That no matter how tiring your day has been, however monotonous it seems, you are achieving things daily without even thinking about it.

Replace the mindset of a “tiring day” with a “productive day” because you do amazing things daily without even realising it.

Bullet Journal Style quote- To boost your self-confidence by BGN

You make a difference in peoples lives without giving it a thought.

You get things done even on the days you struggle, because you are amazing and you are winning at life on the daily!

reflect. love. heal always

Brown Girl N. xxx

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