Ways to boost your self confidence 5 Shift to equality mentality! BGN

When you have low self-confidence you can often feel less deserving of things than those around you.

You can sometimes put others achievements down to the fact that they are talented or better at something than you.

Low self-confidence can make you doubt your accolades, your strengths and achievements and brush them off as sheer luck or with an “anyone could have done that” attitude.

Bullet Journal Style Quote- Boost your self confidence shift to an equality mentality- By BGN

It can even get to a point where you wish your life was like others. You wish you were as smart, as successful, had the things they did etc.

But what you fail to realise is that everything you need to get to where you want to be is within you.

It’s time to boost your confidence and shift to equality mentality!

You are equally as deserving as others to be happy and successful.

You are good enough to apply for that job or put yourself forward as a candidate for a promotion.

Bullet Journal Style Quote- Boost your self confidence shift to an equality mentality- By BGN

Regardless or where someone else is in life, your journey to your destination is unique to you and therefore no one is better than you.

You are valuable and have so much to offer.

Things like a marriage breakdown, relationship breakdown, heartache, loosing someone you love or your job can really knock your confidence.

“Maybe I don’t deserve to be loved/ be happy/ to be secure” etc are statements that can hold us back from all that is out there for us.

The truth is, if you believe that those you care about deserve all the things you desire, then you deserve the same and more.

Bullet Journal Style Quote- Boost your self confidence shift to an equality mentality- By BGN

Take the “I could do that” approach to everything that piques your interest.

Don’t let low self-confidence close the doors that could bring you joy and success.

Because you can, you deserve all that life can offer you and you are a pandoras box full of amazing talents, skills and abilities.

reflect. love. heal always

Brown Girl N



  1. Thank you for this article! It was very motivational:) I recently started a blog called searchingforconfidence.wordoress.com where i talk about issues like selfacceptance and racism and you having a quick read would mean a lot! Kindest regards

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