Ways to boost your self confidence 9: Focus on small changes and Exercise! BGN

There are always things in our daily routine that we know we need to change, or wish we could, that really affect our confidence.

We know that making big changes requires big steps, and achieving big goals requires setting smaller ones. This is why focusing on small changes can make a big difference in your life and can pave the way for tackling bigger changes in the future.

If being late to work, events and appointments has become a regular issue and is something that makes you flustered, gives you anxiety (as you are counting down the minutes) and affects your confidence (as you mumble excuses) things need to change.

Ways to boost your self confidence 9: Focus on small changes and Exercise! BGN

Wake up or leave ten minutes earlier than usual and see how that changes your whole mindset. You might notice you walk into work or to meetings standing taller and with more confidence.

Make small changes that focus on your wellbeing.

You could write in a journal for 5 minutes before bed. Have a glass water when you wake up or try adding more steps in your daily life without it becoming a burden. Be consistent be committed and you will feel amazing at the end of it.

Excercising is a great way to boost your energy levels, oxygen capacity, muscle tone and general fitness but it is also a great way to really give you a confidence boost!

Ways to boost your self confidence 9: Focus on small changes and Exercise! BGN

Remember to start small, stay consistent and make being active a part of your daily routine.

Doing yoga can be really relaxing and clears your mind, going for a brisk walk or run and being outside getting some fresh air can be amazing.

If you like a more focused class sign up whether its swimming, boxing or dancing exercise doesn’t have to be scary, boring or tedious.

It can be fun and motivating and do wonders for your mind, body and soul.

Just the success of creating an exercise plan and sticking to it allows you to enjoy a sense of achievement.

So don’t set up unachievable goals that will have the opposite effect.

Ways to boost your self confidence 9: Focus on small changes and Exercise! BGN

The release of endorphins while you exercise is a great stress reliever and exercise is known to clear your thoughts allowing you to think with more clarity and making better decisions which in turn does wonders for your confidence!

So make small changes that will make big changes in your life.

Be more active especially on the days you’re feeling low and really no in the mood to go to the gym or out for a run.

Do it for you, because you deserve to take care of yourself, and more than that, you deserve to feel as amazing as you are!

reflect. love. heal always


Brown Girl N

One comment

  1. I like to exercise toward the end of the day, as I find it helps me sleep better as well as focus.
    I also love acknowledging all the small things I can do in my life; there is nothing like recognizing happiness to make you happy. 🙂


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