Boost your Motivation and Productivity 7: Be proactive, not reactive. BGN

Working at your best requires some understanding about how you can work at your optimum level of productivity, what motivates you and what things deter you from achieving your full potential.

This takes trial and error and usually through some stressful situations and scary deadlines.

What will boost your motivation and productivity is realising that whether you work for someone or work for yourself, whether you are at home and studying or a full time stay at home mum, you are in control of determining what your day is going to look like.

Set yourself a realistic outlook of what you aim to accomplish in the day and week.

Prioritise what needs to be get done and do it the way that works best for you.

Bullet Journal Quote: Boost your Motivation and Productivity 7: Be proactive, not reactive.

However be mindful of how you allow unexpected errands, phone calls, social media and responding to emails dictate how you spend your day.

By focusing on the incoming unexpected situations you will be exhausting yourself by putting out the little fires around you but not necessarily accomplishing more than that.

It is therefore important to set aside a designated time for these tasks in a proactive way rather than reacting as they come up.

For example emails will trickle in at all times of the day and it important you don’t get distracted from your schedule by responding to them within your working hours on your terms, at a designated slot in the schedule rather than throughout the day moving your focus away from what needs to get done.

Bullet Journal Quote: Boost your Motivation and Productivity 7: Be proactive, not reactive.

This can in turn be demotivating and you might feel as though your progress is hindered.

Create a plan that works for you, make sure that it caters to your schedule, the things that need your attention and a little time for you to keep you going.

Make the intention of sticking to the plan as best as you can and let people know that you can’t commit to other plans if it doesn’t work for you.

But also be easy on yourself and remember things change, unexpected things will pop up and that everyday is a fresh beginning.

Rigidly sticking to a plan or schedule is not entirely realistic, so be adaptable, fluid and flexible but make sure your priorities are not neglected.

Bullet Journal Quote: Boost your Motivation and Productivity 7: Be proactive, not reactive.

If your schedule consistently does not allow you to achieve all the daily tasks you set out to do, then maybe reflect on why that is and make changes accordingly.

Maybe your morning tasks are better done in the afternoon, perhaps your evening task require you to have a more fresh outlook that can be achieved in the morning.

Perhaps you haven’t managed sufficient breaks and have been skipping meals and are over exhausted.

However you choose your schedule and routine, be kind to yourself, get things done in a way that motivates you to do better for you, that is fulfilling and gives you a sense of both joy and accomplishment.

Do it for you, with purpose.

Be proactive and not reactive adngive your best to everything you choose to do.

reflect. love. heal always.



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