New dates for our sellout online webinar events The Confident Empowered Woman part 1 and 2. Introduction to shutting down your inner critic and breaking down barriers to success!

We are continuously working on developing a programme that best serve you.

That reflect our own journeys and things we have learnt on the way.

We want you to recognise and embrace every amazing quality you have within you and to nurture the unique skills overcome any obstacle in your way that may be holding you back from reaching your full potential.

We do this in a supportive environment with other like minded women.

Our blogs give you the tips and tools to help yourselves giving you the freedom to choose what you might need at any particular time depending on what you may be going through.

Our events allow us inspire, uplift and empower you with step by step guides, interactive activities and a chance to ask questions and share your experiences with other likeminded women.

We want to do more!

Our first taster event The Confident Empowered woman part 1: shut down your inner critic (a sellout event) will now be run weekly throughout December!

In addition we have an introduction to The Confident Empowered Woman Part 2: Break down barriers to Success also run throughout December!

So check out the dates below and grab your tickets now! The first 10 tickets to each event are on an early bird special which means they are absolutely free!

We honestly cannot wait to connect with more amazing women,

Roohi and Nida


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