About us.

Two brown girls (sisters) dabbling at “Adulting”. Trying to be the best version of our “authentic” selves.

We invite you to join us on this journey of self-love and self-discovery by giving you an intimate insight into our struggles, in the hope to make your own journey a little more manageable.

We hope to inspire you, make you reflect or just help you with a laugh or two through our two weekly blogs. Brown Girl N. will be posting a blog every Tuesday and Brown Girl R. every Thursday. Our Journeys sometimes overlap and at other times go in a direction guided by our individual experiences and understandings!

Disclaimer: We are not qualified therapists nor do we claim to be. We hope that our own lessons and experiences can help others. Please seek professional help and advice from qualified practitioners for serious health and well-being concerns.

Our opinions are our own as are our pictures unless stated otherwise.

Welcome to the gang!