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Green flags to embrace 8: They are respectful towards your friends and family. BGN

Your friends and family are an extension of you. They have made you the person you are today through experiences, love, understanding and a lifetime of memories. When embarking on a new relationship it is important that your new partner gets along with those you are close to and love. Often when all…

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Simple ways to start building your self-esteem 2. Discover who you are. BGR

Self-esteem is the result of the mindset you have, it is the value you place on yourself. The lower the self-esteem, the less motivation and drive you will have to improve it. It ends up being a self-fulfilling prophecy where you feel unworthy of love, respect and even effort to work on who…

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5 Tips on How to Love Yourself Before Learning to Love Others – BGR

Love should be a feeling of positive emotions and energy. It is all about being an important factor in someone‚Äôs life, coming first, being considered, being looked after, feeling safe and being worthy of others making an effort to keep you happy, having your wants and needs fulfilled. Being loved should make you…

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Feeding the Soul This Ramadan Part 2- BGR

As the days near towards Ramadan, my whole family gets really excited, my young girls look forward to how much they can do in the following month compared to last years Ramadan, and my husband looks forward to having suhoor (eating just before fasting begins, before dawn) and Iftari (opening the fast at…

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