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Tag: dealing with hurt

Lessons of a Heartbreak 6: You are stronger than you think!

One of the first things after a heartbreak is the realisation that you’re vulnerability was taken advantage of. You will feel exposed, your guard was down and you placed a part of you in the safety of someone else and you were let down. You might feel foolish for trusting someone or trusting…

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5 Ways to handle rejection the MBG way – BGR

We’ve all been there, mentally preparing ourselves to gain the courage to ask, and then having to face the dreaded answer ‘no’. Sometimes it seems it is better not ask rather than face the rejection but like everything in life we have ups and downs, highs and lows, good and bad and yeses…

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5 benefits of forgiving for your own peace of mind. BGR

When I was much much younger living with my parents and many younger siblings (I’m the eldest) I was known to be the grudge holder. I could never just forgive if someone said sorry and to move on past an argument was something alien to me. Looking back at myself I literally cringe,…

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