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5 Ways to create healthy boundaries that work for you! BGN

Many of us start thinking about boundaries as a form of damage control after the worst has already been done. At times, when we have been hurt too much, we create unhealthy walls to protect ourselves, not realising that in the long term this will just hurt us more. Healthy boundaries are a…

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How to stop pretending you’re okay when you’re not! (Break the cycle!) by BGN

I think in every family dynamic you are either designated with a specific role, or you naturally evolve into one. You step up to that role when it’s required for you to do so. I took my role as the “advisor and fixer” very seriously and fully immersed myself into it so that…

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5 Ways to be there for a friend/ sister/ loved one who has been through something terrible! BGN

If you have experienced trauma, a bad breakup or abuse of any kind you can empathise with how difficult the journey through the experience can be, but also how difficult the healing process is in order to come out the other side of it. Being close to someone that has or is going…

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An Introvert’s Guide of Being more Blissful in 5 Steps- the MBG way. BGR

I am what one could call an introvert by nature, I don’t mean to be and there have been many times where I have resented the fact that I’m too self conscious to openly express how I feel. I admire those who live their lives as an open book and wear their expressions…

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5 Ways to be more Present; less anxious and overwhelmed- The MBG way!- BGN

I realised that in my past few posts I keep coming back to this one point- Be More Present. It is such an important way to get through a lot of situations without loosing yourself. This is something that I have had to work at consistently and consciously over the years and is…

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