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Ways to boost your self confidence. 4 Focus on ‘did it list’ rather than ‘to do list’. BGR

‘Things that need to be done, should be done” As important as it is to consistently have goals and aims in life, to be organised and set daily, weekly, and even yearly targets, we need to remember that not only should they be achievable but they should be done as soon as possible….

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Simple ways to start building your self esteem 8. Let your fears become your strength. BGR

We all have fears rational or irrational. They stem from personal experiences or trauma and can sometimes have substantial impact on us. What we need to remember is, where fear is created is where fear resides and that is in our thoughts. And though our imagination knows no bounds or limits and the…

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Lessons a Heartbreak can teach you 10: Learn the lessons and heal away the pain. BGR

No matter how much we plan, prepare and train in our lives we always end up facing a situation we are completely unprepared for. As parents we feel that although we have to impart the wisdom and life lessons we have learnt the hard way onto our children, that still won’t be enough…

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Lessons a Heartbreak can teach you 4: Rediscover Yourself! BGR

Any relationship is a devotion of your time, focus and energy among many other things. And whether its intentional or not we tend to prioritise the relationship we have with others over the relationship we have with ourselves. As a result we end up losing ourselves when we face heartbreak. A home you…

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5 Ways to Help you Forgive Yourself the MBG way – BGR

Writing about forgiveness on my earlier post made me realise that as much as forgiving others is beneficial, forgiving ourselves is as equally as important. Forgiveness I believe is a beautiful trait, it retains a person’s purity and good nature, which is why there’s so much a person can benefit by forgiving. This…

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