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5 Ways to Help you Forgive Yourself the MBG way – BGR

Writing about forgiveness on my earlier post made me realise that as much as forgiving others is beneficial, forgiving ourselves is as equally as important. Forgiveness I believe is a beautiful trait, it retains a person's purity and good nature, which is why there's so much a person can benefit by forgiving. This however should… Continue reading 5 Ways to Help you Forgive Yourself the MBG way – BGR

What is Self Love

This journey called “Self Love” -bgn

What is self love? without understanding what it means to you how can how can you fully benefit from the invaluable lessons it can teach? The idea of 'loving yourself' was something I looked at negatively as I was growing up. It went against my very nature and upbringing of what I thought a person… Continue reading This journey called “Self Love” -bgn


“Oh broken, confused soul… be kind hearted♡” -bgn

I always say tests come in tens and you don't always have the luxury of dealing with one issue, situation or difficulty at a time. It is really easy for it all to get overwhelming and I think everyone has a breaking point. Sometimes your soul gets tired and you think the only way to… Continue reading “Oh broken, confused soul… be kind hearted♡” -bgn

Reflect, What is Self Love

R – Love Begins from Within.

Love is selfless, it is kind and loyal, it is happiness, unbridled joy, and it is free of judgement. We are, often and with pressure, encouraged to love abundantly; love family, friends, other halves, our community, beyond our community, our homes, our surroundings, our environment, and our world. Yet, to apply the very same notion… Continue reading R – Love Begins from Within.