Feeding the Soul This Ramadan Part 2- BGR

As the days near towards Ramadan, my whole family gets really excited, my young girls look forward to how much they can do in the following month compared to last years Ramadan, and my husband looks forward to having suhoor (eating just before fasting begins, before dawn) and Iftari (opening the fast at sunset) with… Continue reading Feeding the Soul This Ramadan Part 2- BGR

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Be the You that You deserve! BGR

Time waits for no man, it is forever and continues, there is nothing we can hold onto as like time it'll slip away from us without us ever noticing how and when. And like time our journey (life) is forever moving also, and only we can make the effort of continuously working on ourselves as… Continue reading Be the You that You deserve! BGR

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Soft Tongue – BGR!

As adults often we are faced with situations where disagreements may arise or a difference in opinion needs to be shared or even a confrontation needs to take place. Speaking as someone who would almost always avoid these scenarios (unless I am literally forced in a corner), as I am learning to self-love I am… Continue reading Soft Tongue – BGR!

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R – Love Begins from Within.

Love is selfless, it is kind and loyal, it is happiness, unbridled joy, and it is free of judgement. We are, often and with pressure, encouraged to love abundantly; love family, friends, other halves, our community, beyond our community, our homes, our surroundings, our environment, and our world. Yet, to apply the very same notion… Continue reading R – Love Begins from Within.