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Personal Boundaries to put in place 2: Don’t compromise your values for others. BGR

Our boundaries are unique to who we are and our experience. As our journey is continuous our boundaries are likely to evolve with us. Certain situations might force us to say ‘no’ earlier on or with more duress, we might be more careful with our boundaries or learn to enforce them earlier on….

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Simple ways to start building your self esteem 1: Make yourself a priority and stop being a people pleaser. BGN

Self esteem is essential for having a healthy relationship with yourself and can cater for living a happier, more successful and fulfilling life. It is a good place to start connecting with yourself and healing from situations, trauma, or relationships that impacted your self esteem negatively. Building your self-esteem takes time, effort and…

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When to honour and recognise your emotional boundaries to avoid a burnout! BGN

If you are a giving person by nature, a person that thrives on helping others and seeing them succeed, that can be a beautiful thing. If you are always that person that people call to offload all their worries and issues on, if you are constantly picking up after other peoples messes and…

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Welcome to Musings of Brown Girls! So Excited!!!!

We feel so privileged to have you join us here on our very first blog post! We hope to create a platform where we can help each other through our own experiences in life to reflect, love and heal. Life can throw curveballs at us, get hectic where we forget to breathe and…

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